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We focus on lighting products.

UV Sanitizer, Solar LED, Smart LED and LED products for various purposes.


Solar LED

Our Solar LED lights eliminate the cost of trenching, cabling and electricity. Embraced with advanced the technology of solar panel and LED, they can provide high efficiency and cost-effective lighting solution where you need.

On-grid LED Lighting

Our products are highly cost-effective, have a long lifetime, and use highly-efficient LEDs. They can be used in various areas such as rooms, garages, and commercial buildings. Some LEDs come with standard dimmable compatibility which can save energy by 80%.

UV Sanitizer

Our UV Sterilizing products use powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds in a short period. You can Use UV Wand all over your house, or take it with you to the office or hotel. UV Port It can purify the air and remove odors at 360° to help create a safer living environment.

Other Idea about lighting?

Any other idea about the lighting solution? Just send us an email or give us a call, we are here to listen and find the fittest products which you need.

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With our long history of lighting innovation, ZEON brings its expertise from on-grid LED lighting to solar-powered LED lighting.

We carefully select the top quality and reliable brands for our customers, which they enjoy unrivaled quality and reliability, no matter which application they want to apply.

ZEON provided me the reliable and affordable LED lighting fixtures for my offices and warehouse. William was always helpful with his professional suggestions whenever I had a puzzle on which products I should choose.
Don Scott

As an electrician, I need a variety of energy-saving solutions for my projects. William provided me very great products which keep my business more competitive. He helped me to earn more profit from the project with reliable products.
Sedat Dikencik

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